Clowning around in clown world, revolting against revolting culture…

In the words of Howard Beal, we know things are bad—worse than bad; they’re crazy. We’ve got the commies, the LGB-whatevers, the race hustlers, the feminists, the Satanists, the fucking lizard people…all pushing nasty agendas, acting out, attacking anything that even resembles sanity.

Everything the paranoiacs warned us about has materialized. We know it. You know it. It hardly bears saying. So fuck it. Let’s have some fun with it.

Gallows Humor is here not just to mock, but to look into the soul of Clown World. This takes the form of parody, analysis, reviews of media productions that may or may not be cultural AIDS, and more.

Our mission, in short, is to lighten things up a little, while not insulting your intelligence.

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